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We believe in creating Hope Advocates, Social Changers, Yes Champions, and ultimately, Community Leaders among our students.  By acknowledging the work and creativity of the students, we reinforce the important role of being social changers in our community.  It is incredible to see how amazing students can be when they are free to think and act on what's important to them. 


Here’s how it works:

1.     Students can sign up on our website or attend a Spero Challenge Workshop.

2.     Students submit an application with a plan and budget. 

3.     Students launch their Spero Challenge Projects.

4.     Students share the on-going stories of their projects in the community, on social media, or by emailing us                      updates.

5.     After completion of their Spero Challenge Project, or an implemented on-going project, students become

        eligible for the Ripple-Effect Awards  announced in December.

Details and Guidelines:

  • Your project may address any community problem you identify. Your solution will often come from what you like to do. Using your unique talents and passions to solve a problem will create your own ripple-effect in our world.

  • Projects can be one time projects or ongoing. Projects can be big or small. Projects can provide social good/community service locally or internationally.

  • Once you begin your project it is up to you and your team members to share on social media what you’re doing, how you’re enacting your project, and what you’re learning along the way. If you'd rather not use social media please email us the ongoing story of your project.

  • The more quality and creative posts about your project (successes and roadblocks and unexpected encounters and allies and mentors that come along your way) the better your influence. Show your story of your ripple-effects.

  • Video, pictures, audio, art, spoken word, etc. are all welcome forms of posting about your project. Simply post to your social media with @SperoChallenge and #SperoChallenge, or email us updates too

  • Students may be individuals or teams - teams need not be from the same school . . . though they certainly can be. Teams can be formed from community groups, athletic teams, faith groups, music bands, etc.

  • To up the stakes . . . student teams can challenge other student teams to get involved. So if a girls water polo team launches their own project they can challenge a rival school’s team to join Spero Challenge or they might decide to challenge their own school’s football team, volleyball team, etc. Sky’s the limit. Bragging rights go a long way.

  • Students must live in the Tri-County area; Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz Counties, and be in 5th - 12th grade.

  • Public, private, or home-school students are all eligible. 

  • The Ripple-Effect Award winners will be announced and awarded in December, 2019.​


What are you waiting for?  Start your own ripple-effect now!


Founder & Board of Directors
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Brian Bajari
Tracy Winkleblack |  JC Myers  |  Sue Storm
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